Target Youth Movement

Starting Wednesday Feb 1st

Grades 6 – 12


An evening out at TYM is an unforgettable experience. When you encounter a TYM service, you experience a passionate movement of teenagers committed to a cause. You won’t be able to get to your seat without someone stopping and saying hi, treating you like a unique person, and reinforcing our belief that “You Belong”. If you show up here alone, or if you bring out your whole crew, it doesn’t matter…TYM is for you!

TYM is not your average, ordinary night. It’s a step up from the typical routine of Canadian youth. It’s a generation of young people who are devoted to raising the bar with their speech, conduct, faith, purity and love.

The whole aim of Target Youth Movement is to empower young men and women for purpose, to “hit the mark” and not miss it and live a life of success. We are a generation of young people that will rebuild, restore and renew hope to a broken world.

You’re Always Invited!