ROC Kidz  

Check back for when classes resume.

In the mean time here are resources to help parents and guardians lead kids in the Word.

13 Very Famous Friends and How Jesus Loved Them – pdf download geared towards elementary students

Videos for ages 1-4

Videos for kindergarten

Videos for grades 1-3

Videos for grades 4-6

Bible App for Kids

Here at The R.O.C we have 4 amazing classrooms for your ROC’N Kidz.

Quiet Room (Birth to 1 years)
A quiet nursery for mother’s and babies. Featuring Live sound & video feed of the service. Sit back and relax in comfort and privacy.

Toddler Room (1 & 2 years)
A colorful nursery made especially for your little ones. The perfect playroom designed for those carpet crawlers and beginner walkers. Come join our fun, creative classroom. This playful room is full of laughter and creativity.
When was the last time you played pretend?

Transformation Station (3 to 5 years)
An action packed class full of fun for those energetic preschoolers. Come join our many adventures with Little K and friends.

R.O.C Kidz (6 to 11 years)
An engaging class full of laughter & fun while learning about God’s love.

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